Chinotto, an excellence constantly evolving 

A long lasting history, a great tradition and a unique sensorial experience to be discovered: this is Chinotto, one of the most authentic symbols of Savona and a must have refinery.

Il Chinotto nella Rete is a joint venture of several companies whose passion and business turns around this extraordinary citrus fruit belonging to a Slow Food association.

The mission of project is promoting the Liguria region and its unique excellences, including chinotto as a fil rouge, which turns out to be appreciated by a wide range of consumers.

In the network of companies of the Savona chinotto there are different manufacturers: from the nurserymen to the transformers of food products, cosmetics and of original design objects closely related to the history of this precious citrus, as well as a travel agent and a publisher and with them the “Chinotto Tours” were born, along the streets of taste, art culture.

By eliminating the individualism and joining the efforts in a fruitful mutual cooperation, a program  was designed in order to support and develop the entire chain from the implementation of new crops, the process of products, the investment in the promotion of the territory, the history and the products containing chinotto, to enhance and protect this great excellence.

We selected the best products of each producer to create a line of excellence that can represent this great tradition of the fruit of chinotto especially as a lifestyle of excellence, a project organized in order to export the excellence of Savona in Italy and abroad, an inseparable pair linked to the history of this extraordinary plant itself.

Thanks to the events and initiatives implemented by the Network of Chinotto in collaboration with institutions and other commercial entities, an interest was born in these specialties, which gave a boost not only to the diffusion of new products, but also to a “cult ” phenomenon of rediscovery where the chinotto is the star of blogs and social network and fans.

Behind this phenomenon there is the desire to rediscover the most authentic roots of the territory and its uniqueness and the pleasure of reliving the atmosphere and social rituals of the past, through products, flavors and objects that convey strong emotions that are still alive in the present.